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A primary objective is to create quiet, safe and open spaces; meetings and communication events where it is recognized that dialogue requires at once compassionate listening within a safe and non-judgmental space, and the presence and engagement of the whole person. We observe that such interactions can enhance mutual understanding respect between people and build harmonious relations. These dialogue events aim to generate new understanding and awareness that can contribute to resolving to some of the issues faced by people in the world of today.
Inter-religious dialogue and inter-faith events
The GHFP's interreligious dialogue and interfaith events aim to bring people from diverse backgrounds together in order to explore spirituality as important part of being human and how such understanding can help transcend our differences.
Symposium on Religion, Spirituality and Flourishing
Muslim and Jewish Conference
Congresses of Imams and Rabbis for Peace 
Educational Conferences
Our educational dialogues and conferences aim to engender insights about how to fulfill human qualities and potential through education. These events are mainly for educators, academics, teachers and young people.
Conference on Transformative Education, Morocco 2006
International Conference on Human-Centred Education
Learning for Well-Being Consortium
Conferences on Human Spirit and Human Development
The GHFP's conferences on human spirit and human development intend to establish a new global community of organizations, communities and individuals committed to catalyze effective systemic change based on core human values. 
Spirit of Humanity Forum
Human-Centred Development Conference
Huffington Post article on values-based leadership by Scherto Gill
GHFP Peace Seminar Series
GHFP's seminar series invites speakers and contributors from around the world to present and discuss relevant topics within the broad theme of Peace.
International Dialogue Series on Peace and Peacefulness
Healing, Forgiveness and Reconciliation
Memory, Trauma and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding
Understanding Peace: A Dialogue
Economy and Wellbeing: Implications for Investment
GHFP Healing the Wounds of History Conferences
The GHFP's Healing the Wounds of History Conferences aim to develop an understanding of the need for addressing the roots of violence and offer the participants different experiential journeys of healing.
Healing the Wounds of History Lebanon 2011
Healing the Wounds of History Rwanda 2012
Narrative Events
The GHFP's narrative strand of work is based on the conviction that stories not only highlight what make us human, but also motivate us towards becoming greater than we are.
Narrative Practitioners Forum
Paper: 'Memory, narrative and dialogue in peacebuilding'


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