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In the 21st Century, technological advances could allow education to evolve from knowledge-cramming for exams towards students learning more autonomously and creatively. To take advantage of these opportunities, societies will need an optimistic vision of how schools might enable young people to find themselves and to gain a sense of direction and nurture their own talents. The new vision of education will be centred on enabling individuals to become more fully human and pursue a meaningful life. This is a key to the future of humanity and the flourishing of humane qualities in the world.
 Central to the GHFP's vision for education is the importance of individuals' flourishing, a concept that is evaluatively rich, but more elusive than the acquisitive, materialistic and measurable models of well-being. Our theoretical and practical work on human-centred education is motivated by this key idea of human flourishing. We hope that we have made an important initial contribution to this process through the book 'Rethinking Secondary Education: A Human-Centred Approach' published by Pearson Education. In summary, this book is intended to build a bridge between, on the one hand, the principles of state education in England and many other countries in the world and, on the other, the myriad forms of alternative education values and practices. It articulates a philosophical framework for what we call 'human-centred education' and discusses a human-centred approach to curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and the culture of schools and colleges.
 An important goal of our work in education is to translate educational ideals, values and principles into practically implementable guidelines and teaching and learning practices within schools. To this end, the GHFP's research team is developing a 'Handbook of Human-Centred Education' which sets out realistic ways of how human-centred education can be integrated in a mainstream school in the UK and other parts of the world. This Handbook will be made freely accessible for any school that is interested in human-centred education and would like to explore ways to re-focus education. Please contact us for a copy of the HCE Handbook and implementation Manual.


Human-Centred Education


Featured Project - Lewes New School
The Lewes New School is a small community school located in Southeast of England. the Founders of the school believe childhood should be unhurried, unpressured and free from fear. Therefore the school respect the child's own pace of learning and growing, and does not impose goals or rewards or intervention. The Lewes New School is committed to the holistic well-being of each indivdiual and nurtures all aspects of the child: the intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual and social. For more details about the school's ethos, vision and curriculum, please see