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Healing the Wounds of History


The GHFP is working with the Centre for Lebanese Studies and other partners promulgating the Healing the Wounds of History (HWH) project programmes aiming to create spaces such that people can feel experientially, the ideas underpinning the concept of Forgiveness and become more consciously aware of where and how memory of trauma is held and how the grievances are passed down from one generation to another. Through experiencing the meaning of forgiveness, the individuals can begin to share processes and procedures that help to heal grievances and liberate gifts. Ultimately, the HWH work aims to enable the individuals and groups to experience some healing at personal and collective level through forgiveness and greater compassion for others and ourselves.
The HWH work derives from Alexandra Asseily's intuitional insight; supported by research into conceptualizations of forgiveness. We comprehend the divergence of approaches from diverse fields and despite the fact that there no consensus across these disciplines, we strive for a more holistic yet ordinary or common sense understanding of what forgiveness is, and how it may support the global processes in attempting to heal the wounds of history and address the roots of violence. Accordingly GHFP has supported HWH programmes in Lebanon and Rwanda. Currently, our research team is critically evaluating the HWH training workshops in both countries. The insights from the evaluation will serve as the basis for consolidating the training materials and strengthening the training methodology. Timeline
Healing the Wounds of History Training Workshops in Lebanon
Feburary and November, 2014, Bsous, Beirut, Lebanon
International Seminar on 'Memory, Trauma and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding'
25th October 2013, Brighton, England
Healing the Wounds of History Conference 2012
June 2012, Kigali, Rwanda
Healing the Wounds of History Conference 2011
November 2011, Byblos, Lebanon