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Interfaith & Interreligious dialogue


In the light of a mix of much-debated positive and negative dimensions of religion in world politics today, a growing number of organisations and institutions worldwide have emerged whose mission is to foster mutual understanding, harmony and cooperation among people from the different faith and religious traditions. Recognizing these organisations' significant contribution to transforming conflict and fostering a culture of peace, the GHFP has researched and developed a Global Interfaith Directory. It is a searchable user-friendly free database of worldwide interfaith organisations.
The InterFaith.Directory presents a great start point to research and understand more on interfaith - interreligious dialogue and action. search Interfaith Organizations identifying with these frequently used WORDS. enviroment | dialogue | health | women | grassroots | peace | conflict | tolerance | community | education | culture | justice/community | action | ecumenic | respect | local-respect | research | youth | spiritual | justice
Cartographic interactive geographic distribution of 91 larger and medium scale interfaith and inter-religious organizations.
  SITE: InterFaith.Directory
A project to establish a Museum of World Religions in Birmingham; a world-class institution, along the lines of the great museums of the world. The Museum is intended to be a shared space for dialogue and understanding between people from different faith communities as well as for people of no religious or faith affiliations. It will serve as an educational resource for learners of all ages, and provide an opportunity for individuals to explore the part that religion plays in contemporary life.
  URL: Museum of World Religions
In supporting many international interreligious dialogue events we believe that dialogue is key to mutual understanding, humility and hope. So part of our work in interreligious dialogue is to investigate the role of spirituality and religion in the practices of dialogue and how spiritually informed dialogue lead to individual growth and social transformation. In hosting or sponsoring these dialogue events, we have the ideal opportunities to practise, experiment and study divergent dialogue methodologies as well as the ethics of dialogue in different settings.
URL: Symposium on Religion, Spirituality and Education for Human Flourishing


Redefining Religious Education
  ISBN-13: 978-1137378149
This book is a unique collection of multidisciplinary articles that develops the idea of religious education being directed primarily (but not exclusively) towards the spiritual insofar as it is part of a flourishing life. It offers an approach to a more creative effective questioning concerning the part that religious education can play in enabling the flourishing of whole people/persons.