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Human-Centred Development
Human-centred development may be provisionally defined as the development of communities that places emphasis on the primary value of human-beings in the sense of avoiding instrumentalizing human life and reducing human values to economic factors. Such emphasis is compatible with humans respecting the environment, and other important ecological values.
Economic growth can result in a dehumanization of civil society and of personal relations and have devastating effect on our planet. The current movement in the European Community to frame social policies in terms of their impact on human happiness and well-being is a recognition of the need for new ways of thinking in this area. Policy-makers are looking for a new paradigm. At the same time, many people are now questioning the fairness and effectiveness of the global economic system.
Our aim is to find a deeper understanding of human-centred development that is based on human values and which places economic growth within the context of human development as well as ecological values. We propose to answer the question ‘What does ‘development as if people mattered’ mean?’ in a systematic manner. We also aim to look at its implications for governance.
The objective of the conference on Sustainability, Governance, and Human-Centred Development was to delve fairly deeply into the various factors that have been influencing and shaping development in general, and more specifically in Central Kalimantan, and to determine what can be done to change the prevailing paradigm of economic development to one with more of a human focus.
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Livelihood, Flourishing, Governance




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Featured Project: Bukit Batu
This is a governance strengthening project in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. The Bukit Batu is part of the ongoing effort from the Yayasan Tambuhak Sinta (YTS), Indonesia, to support community development at all levels. Its' objective is to have a well functioning society where local people are actively engaged in processes that shape how development takes place in their immediate environment. An important aspect of Bukit Batu is to focus on how individuals and communities interact with the government, and for government to become much more responsive to the real needs of people and their communities. Bukit Batu aims to bring about a significant improvement in the quality of governance in its local regions.