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GHFP initiates, sponsors and supports a variety of projects that fall within the Foundation's key areas of interest
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Project name
detailNuestra Señora de FatimahNuestra Señora de Fatimah, located in a rural area of Colombia, aims to nurture the sense of well-being in the children by helping them to connect with and admire the beauty of the surrounding natural environment, as well as their inner world.
detailColegio AmorAs the name suggests, the 'School of Love' offers a unique human-centred educational model to children from deprived communities in Bogota, Colombia. It has become a focal point of the local community. Apart from providing a holistic education to children and young peopel, it also offers various educational and vocational training and services to adults within the community.
detailAra Pacis Initiative'Council for Dignity, Forgiveness, Justice and Reconciliation'. Its members are 'witnesses' themselves of suffering or tragedy yet choose the path of forgiveness.
detailBina Cita UtamaThe school offers an education in both English and Indonesian languages. It aims to serve the academic, physical, social, and emotional needs of its pupils using both Indonesian and international curricula. BCU is the first and only bilingual school in the province.
detailBukit BatuA governance strengthening project in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. Its' objective is to have a well functioning society where local people are actively engaged in processes that shape how development takes place in their immediate environment.
detailForgiveness as a peace processThe GHFP believes that forgiveness is a key element in peacebuilding, especially in post-conflict countries. Forgiveness is an inner journey. It allows the individuals to address our own cycle of fear, and create new momentum of reconciliation and transformation.
detailInterWorldViewThe InterWorldView Project has pioneered a concept that puts implicit emphasis on dialogue between individuals who uphold different worldviews. This can be used by peacebuilders, religious leaders, practitioners of reconciliation and anyone who is interested in enhancing an awareness of the Other and engaging with differences appreciatively.
detailLearning for Wellbeing ConsortiumThe Consortium's initiative includes to develop a policy document that intends to create a common conceptual framework, policy principles and shared discourse for promoting children's well-being in Europe. It will allow different policy arenas to work concertedly in proritising well-being in policy actions.
detailLewes New SchoolThe Lewes New School aims to develop whole persons, who can grow up to be valued and contributing members of their communities. It looks to discover what is unique about every child, and to support that uniqueness by creating a range of teaching and learning opportunities that naturally accommodate the different styles of learning.
detailMuseum of World Religions (UK)The focus of the project is to establish a Museum of World Religions in Birmingham (to be known alternatively as the UNESCO Centre of World Religions or the UNESCO Centre of Inter-Religious Understanding’). It is envisaged to be a world-class institution, probably in a multi-storey, purpose-built building, along the lines of the great museums of the world.
detailTeachers Education ProgrammeOur commitment to educational innovation has led to our developing unique Teacher Education programme that has a focus on Human-Centred Education. The programme aims to support teachers' personal and professional development as well as enable them to implement a human-centred vision for education in their schools.
detailYes QuestThe YES Quest is a non-formal learning and personal development programme. Provided in a challenging yet supportive environment, it helps young people to get back in touch with their inner talents and capacities and to re-ignite their passion to set and reach life and work goals.
detailHealing the Wounds of History Training ProgrammesCycles of violence may originate in grievances held long before our time and handed down from generation to generation. Unless there are active healing processes to help remove the ‘stings’ in our memories through forgiveness and compassion, these historical wounds, compounded by perceived injustice, will continue to serve as impulses for violence. Thus, our HWH work aims to first build an awareness of these trans-generational transmissions of trauma, and then support individuals and groups in their journeys of healing and transformation.
detailCharter for Forgiveness and ReconciliationThe vision is that forgiving is an activity necessary for healing and reconciliation to take place, when seeking justice and sustainable peace. The practice of forgiving can transform legacies and memories of injustice, conflicts and wars. It can liberate people from being imprisoned in their past and themselves, and allow the grace of the Divine to restore peace and harmony amongst individuals and communities.
detailSpirit of Humanity ForumThe Spirit of Humanity Forum is a new global network of organisations, communities and individuals committed to catalyse effective systemic change in governance and decision-making, based on core human values. The Forum creates a safe space for deeper encounter, exploration and dialogue among leaders to discover new ways to move forwards.
detailInterfaith DirectoryAs a great start point for any wider research or enquiry concerning interfaith and interreligious dialogue and action. the Directory provides an overview of the mission, vision, approaches, activities and structure of each organisation and the geographical spread of these organisations currently active in the field of interfaith/interreligious.