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2016Download2016 has been a turbulent year for the world. We rededicate ourselves to work in the areas of peace that have defined the GHFP for the last 20 years.
2015Download2015 has marked the beginning of a transition in our thinking. We have initiated a series of peace dialogue events and research themes, with various partners, that mark a shift.
2014DownloadThis year, in 2014, many parts of the world seemed to be engulfed in violence. In the midst of this, the work of organisations like the GHFP shows us glimpses of a more hopeful possible future.
2013DownloadReflecting on the GHFP’s activities in 2013, we can see how much the work of the foundation has been inspired by the idea that wisdom can only come through the development of consciousness.
2012DownloadLike many organisations, the GHFP’s vision and mission becomes clearer as we work more towards it. Central to this vision is the importance of individuals living more fully as human beings, a concept that is evaluatively rich ...
2011DownloadDuring this year 2011, there was an especially moving example of human values at work. Together with other partners, the GHFP organized an international conference ‘Healing the Wounds of History" in Lebanon.
2010DownloadOver the years, the GHFP has focused on transformative education. We sense that many societies need human-centred educational systems that value students as persons, and we have worked on what this means in practice.
2009Download2009 has been a good year for the Foundation: we have supported some new initiatives, our research has borne fruit, and we have strengthened some important partnerships.
2008Download2008 was a busy year for our foundation, and a year of overwhelming change and reappraisal in the wider world.
2007Download2007 marked the foundation's tenth year in Europe, and saw us moving into our first permanent home, a 17th century flint walled building, formerly a coach-house, facing a park in the coastal city of Brighton & Hove.
2006DownloadIn a year in which climate change, wars and violence caused millions of people to experience despair, the GHFP continued to explore ways to create hope...
2005Download2005 was a year of accomplishment as our work in interreligious dialogue and in education had led to two important conferences - 'The Crisis of the Holy' and 'Human-Centred Education'.
2004DownloadFollowing the consolidation achieved last year, 2004 was a time of continued progress in all areas of engagement for the GHFP.
2002Download2002 was an important year for the Foundation. It was a period of questioning, reflection and learning, as we undertook to re-think the GHFP’s mission.
2001DownloadThe Foundation has always believed in watering small shoots that look as if they might grow into large fruit bearing trees or lead to a proliferation of new shoots. This year saw more evidence that this approach is working.
2000DownloadContinuing to support the various educational initiatives started last year, this year saw a corresponding growth in the involvement by the Guerrand-Hèrmes Foundation in numerous aspects of spiritual development, interfaith dialogue and youth projects.
1999DownloadThis year the Guerrand-Hermès Foundation has continued to broaden its involvement in all the areas consolidated in 1998, including our long-term commitment to support the retranslating of the talks given by Bapak M.S.Sumohadiwidjojo.
1998Downloadin 1998, we have consolidated our work in the four key areas where our aims can be put into operation most effectively: Spiritual awareness, interfaith dialogue, youth and education
1996DownloadThe Foundation envisages that initially it will be a catalyst, putting resources where they will have the greatest effect: making contacts and giving small loans; supporting the work of individuals and groups who have similar aims to the Foundation's.
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