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Prof. Garrett Thomson      
Prof. Garrett Thomson
Prof Garrett Thomson is the GHFP's CEO as well as Director of Research. He received his DPhil from the Oxford University. Currently he is Compton Professor of Philosophy at the College of Wooster, USA.  He was formerly the CEO of the World Subud Association in 2005-2010. Garrett is the author of numerous books including Needs; Kant; Introduction to Modern Philosophy; and a series of introductory texts on Descartes, Locke, Aristotle, Kant, and Leibniz. He co-edited the six-volume The Longman Standard History of Philosophy. His other recent works include Una Introduccion a la Practica de la Filosofia, On Philosophy and On the Meaning of Life. Most recently, Garrett has co-authored books as part of the GHFP's research team.
Dr. Scherto Gill      
Scherto Gill
Dr Scherto Gill is GHFP Research Fellow. Trained in education and sociology, she has developed with others the conceptual framework of 'human-centred education'. Accordingly the focus of her work addresses key questions related to human flourishing and transformation. As a social reseacher, Scherto is particularly interested in the significance of life histories and narratives in the shaping of a personal sense of self, integrity and the development and identification of courses of action in line with individual values. Scherto is also a Visiting Fellow at the University of Sussex where she leads the teaching and learning of a cohort of students who focus their study on human-centred education, as part of the MA in Education Studies. Website
Prof David Cadman
Prof David Cadman has held a number to professorial chairs and fellowships at universities in the UK and America.  He is presently a Visiting Professor at the University of Maryland and a Harmony Professor of Practice at the University of Wales Trinity St. David.  Within the work of the Spirit of Humanity Forum, of which he is part, he has been working with the Guerrand Hermes Foundation for Peace on a series of dialogues on the nature of “peacefulness,” and with Scherto Gill is the co-editor of “Why Love Matters: Values in Governance,” published in 2106 by Peter Lang.  He is a Trustee of The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts and the editor of the archive of the speeches and articles of The Prince of Wales, volumes 1 and 2 having been published in 2014 by the University of Wales Press and a third volume being prepared for publication in 2018.  His own most recent publications are “Love Matters” and “Finding Elsewhere” which are available from Amazon.  His work can be found at
Prof. Ivor Goddson      
Prof. Ivor Goodson
Prof Ivor Goodson is a visiting Research Fellow at the GHFP. He is also Professor of Learning Theory at he University of Brighton, and Joss Owen Visiting Professor at the University of Plymouth. He is the Founding editor of the Journal of Education Policy. Ivor has spent the last 30 years researching, thinking and writing about some of the key and enduring issues in education and has contributed over 50 books and 600 articles to the field. Ivor was recently given the Michael Huberman award at the American Educational Research Association for his work on teachers’ lives; he has just been given an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Gothenburg and made a Laureate of the Phi-Delta-Kappa Society in the USA.

Livingston Armytage
Dr Livingston Armytage is a Visiting Research Fellow at the GHFP. He is also adjunct professor of law, University of Sydney. With over thirty years' experience directing programs of justice reform, judicial development and civil litigation; Livingston has been a Senior counsel, project director, team leader and technical specialist on ADB, AusAID, United Nations, World Bank and USAID projects in many countries. His expertise includes policy formulation, strategic planning, project design, program direction and management, need assessment, training, performance monitoring and evaluation. He has published widely and his most recent monograph "Reforming Justice" is in press with Cambridge University Press (April, 2012)
Dr. Josef Boehle      
Josef Boehle
Dr Josef Boehle is a Visiting Research Fellow at the GHFP. He works as a Research Fellow in Globalisation, Religion and Politics at the Department of Theology and Religion, University of Birmingham, and is also the Focal Point of the UN Alliance of Civilizations at the University. Apart from teaching 'Religion and Peacebuilding', Josef is currently working on ‘Religion and Peacebuilding in International Relations', a research project jointly sponsored by the GHFP. He is also completing a publication on 'Religion in a Global Age'. Josef has worked with international interreligious organisations for many years and helped organise major conferences and summits addressing interreligious, intercultural and inter-civilisational issues.
Alice McCarthy Sommerville      
Alice McCarthy Sommerville
Alice McCarthy Sommerville is currently a Research Assistant at the GHFP. She has an MA in Person-Centred Education from the University of Sussex, and a degree in English (with Philosophy). Her research interests include young people's conceptions of reading and of learning itself, with a particular focus on respecting children and young people as rational agents, capable of articulating important issues. Alice is a governor and director of SANDS democratic school in Ashburton, Devon, a secondary school in which decisions are made by all members of the school (staff and students). She has experience working in primary schools, including working with children with special educational needs.

Our most recent publications   
Why Love Matters: Values in Governance makes a radical proposal for an innovative form of governance that is based on core human values such as love, compassion, care, justice and dignity. It postulates that a new way of being must be in place so that intrinsic values of caring for others should underpin the intent of our decisions at personal, regional, national, international and global levels.
Our thinking in education is captured in this book on Human-Centred Education, published in 2012 by the world's largest education publisher, Pearson Education. Here is a link to a review of the book, published on Journal of Education for Teaching: International research and pedagogy in 2013.  
human-centred education publication image   
Critical Narrative as Pedagogy is a book that the GHFP has written as part of our narrative strand of work. This book is published in 2014 by Bloomsbury.  
critical narrative publication image   
Narrative Pedagogy is another book that the GHFP has written on the transformative potential of narrative work. This book was published in 2011 by Peter Lang.   
narrative pedagogy