Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace


"Our motivating ideals are to work from, and to cultivate and support, human qualities and values."     
  --- Sharif Istvan Horthy, Co-Founder and Vice Chairman  
The GHFP was established in 1995 by Simon Xavier Guerrand-Hermès and Sharif Istvan Horthy. The founders believe that to effect enduring positive change and transformation in the world, the individual ought to start from a deeper connection with his/her inner life and spirituality. This principle guides the GHFP's Trustees' decisions in terms of the focus of our work and how to approach it.  
Our work is Founded on a human concept of Peace.
Peace that can only be achieved when people are in touch with their own humanity.

Our work is informed and inspired by our core aim for humanity to flourish within each individual and towards broader, more human social transformation.

Philosophy as activity through thinking and talking along with many learned contributors and participants in our dialogue events.

  Integrity and authenticity  
  The GHFP's trustees believe that it is crucial for individuals in 21st century to strive to integrate one's personal inner values with his/her outer actions in the world. Such integrity and authenticity is the basis for a flourishing life. These two qualities are what we strive in the GHFP's work.